At the Heart’s Desire Jewelry and Accessories Boutique, you will find original handcrafted designs created to touch a woman’s heart and soul.

Ann Marie Hodrick is the award winning designer and artist behind Heart's Desire Jewelry.

Heart’s Desire Jewelry was founded in 2004 by award winning artist & designer Ann Marie Hodrick.

Ann Marie has been expressing her creativity in one medium or another since she was a young child.  She began with sewing, crafting and coloring while in grade school then moved on to painting, drawing and metalsmithing in high school.  While in college, she continued with those mediums and explored ceramics, printmaking and fiber art at Loyola University, New Orleans.

She now combines all of her knowledge and skills working in her Oakland, CA art studio where her true love for design and adornment along with her artist soul brings forth the creations of Heart’s Desire Jewelry.  

Her jewelry collection is all one-of-a-kind or limited edition pieces handcrafted with the utmost love and care. Ann Marie personally selects the most unique gemstones, lustrous pearls, and exotic elements like ancient fossils and artifacts of the highest quality to use in her stunning designs

"I look for unique and organic elements to work with so that I can infuse each piece with the energy that surfaces as I design.  I want the person who wears my jewelry to benefit from the love, strength, desire and power that I feel as I create in the hopes that it will improve their quality of life.  Above and beyond the physical elements that go into each design, it is these spiritual elements that set my work apart from mass produced jewelry." - Ann Marie

Ann Marie cares greatly about the world that we live in and the people in it.  Her first choice is to use supplies from socially responsible vendors.  Many of her gems are cut by a family run business in Jaipur with whom she has a close relationship.  She especially likes to work with suppliers who make it a point to present the gems as they are when they are unearthed, without enhancements of any kind. Ann Marie uses .925 sterling silver, .999 fine silver, gold-fill, vermeil and solid gold and is aware that the mining of most new precious metals negatively impacts the environment and the cultures surrounding the mines.  Because of that, she now buys her silver and gold wire and sheet metal from vendors who sell refined (recycled) metals and she collects her scraps to be refined so that she can help to minimize her effect on the environment and promote a healthier world.

Ann Marie finds inspiration in the beauty of the colors and textures that influence our daily lives … the way light is reflected off a cityscape, the colors in a spring garden or the texture of the surf against the sand on a beach.  She cherishes old jewelry parts as much as she adores keeping an eye on what’s current in fashion. Those inspirations mix together in a style that expresses itself in many lights…from vintage to modern…organic to graphic. No matter which muse is speaking to her, the result is always stylish, wearable art.

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